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Bill Jacobs Partners Matching Gift and Dollars for Doers Guidelines


Effective October 1, 2021, the Bill Jacobs Partners Employee
Matching Gifts Program matches employee’s donations to eligible
501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in good standing that meets
program criteria. Additionally, the Dollars for Doers Program
provides a $15 grant to eligible organizations for every volunteer
hour performed by a Bill Jacobs team member.
To encourage and support the generosity and community
involvement of employees, Bill Jacobs offers the Bill Jacobs Partners
Employee Matching Gift Program and Dollars for Doers Program
which each provide matching funds and volunteer grants to the
charitable organizations our team members personally support.


To maximize the impact of charitable giving, the Bill Jacobs
Organization matches, dollar for dollar, donations made by eligible
employees, of at least $15 up to a maximum of $200 per year, to
eligible nonprofit organizations or educational institutions of their
choice. The $15 minimum applies to each gift a donor may wish
to make; Bill Jacobs will pay a maximum of $200 annually for each
employee, being the combined limit for both programs. Bill Jacobs
Partners will donate $15 per volunteer hour worked by a team
member at an eligible organization. The donation will be made
directly to the organization that received the donation or volunteer
hours. All volunteer hour donations will count toward the $200
annual maximum contribution.

Eligible gifts and grants are processed and matched to institutions
on the following quarterly schedule.
Received by: 3/1 6/1 9/1 12/1
Processed by: 3/31 6/30 9/30 12/31

Employee contributions must be paid by check or credit card. GIFTS
MUST BE PAID, NOT MERELY PLEDGED. Volunteer hours must be
recorded and verified by the eligible organization where the hours
were completed in a form or method selected by us.

For gifts in the form of installments, each installment must be
submitted on a separate form and meet the $15 minimum gift

Please note that no employee or member of the employee’s family
may directly or indirectly benefit as a result of the matching gift
or volunteer activity. The gift must be a personal gift from the
donor’s personal funds. Bill Jacobs reserves the right to verify the
501(c)(3) tax exempt status and certification of the charity prior to
making its contribution.


Individuals eligible for the programs are regular full-time or regular
part-time employees with at least 30-days of continuous service.


Certain non-profit charitable Healthcare, Education, Civic, Cultural,
and Environmental organization is eligible for the Matching
Gifts Program provided it is located in the United States and is
recognized as tax exempt by the Internal Revenue Service under
Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Organizations
without Section 501(c)(3) status are not eligible. Please contact the
program administrator to confirm the eligibility of your charity.


Bill Jacobs Partners will NOT match the following:

  • Gifts to organizations that do not have a 501(c)(3) exemption,
    except for public schools
  • Private Foundations, Donor Advised Funds, Supporting
    Organizations or Religious Organizations (e.g. churches, temples,
    synagogues, mosques)
  • Individual, family or group memberships in organizations
  • Gifts to individual research projects
  • Pooled funds from a number of individuals
  • Amount payable as dues or subscription fees for publications
  • Insurance premium payments
  • Payments that cover the costs of services, tuition, books, student
    fees or alumni dues
  • Unitrust or charitable remainder organizations
  • In-kind services, materials, supplies, pledges or real estate
  • Payments to satisfy legal obligations
  • Gifts to partisan political organizations, candidates, or to support
    specific legislation
  • Gifts made to organizations that practice discrimination
  • Tickets for benefit dinners or events
  • Gifts made by spouses or surviving spouses
  • Gifts made to religious organizations
    (e.g. churches, temples, synagogues, mosques)

Gifts may be eligible for a match if the programs operated by faith-based social service organizations meet the following criteria:

  • The organization has a 501(c)(3) determination letter from the IRS;
  • If the gift is designated to a particular program that is available
    and open to all individuals in the community;
  • The program is for non-religious purposes (such as a food pantry
    or domestic abuse shelter) and;
  • The organization does not use the program to promote
    any religion.


  • Eligible healthcare organizations include: hospitals, hospices,
    psychiatric/mental health organizations, ambulatory care
    facilities, long-term convalescent facilities, etc.; as well as a range
    of national and local health-related organizations, including those
    whose programs relate to specific diseases.
  • Eligible educational organizations include: graduate and
    professional schools; colleges and universities; public or private
    secondary, elementary and pre-elementary schools; as well as a
    range of national and local education-related organizations.
  • Eligible civic organizations include: a wide range of national
    and local civic and social service groups, such as community
    recreational centers, programs for the elderly, veterans,
    halfway houses, women’s centers, drug/alcohol rehabilitation
    projects, youth programs, conservation groups, legal assistance
    centers, programs for the handicapped, vocational/technical
    training, non-academic research organizations, and pet rescue
  • Eligible cultural organizations include: aquariums, arboretums,
    art galleries, arts councils, botanical gardens, cultural/performing
    arts centers, film societies, historical societies/restorations,
    libraries, museums, music/choral groups, opera companies,
    orchestras, planetariums, public broadcasting television and
    radio stations, theater companies and zoos.
  • Eligible U.S. organizations protecting the environment,
    conserving natural resources and habitat, and protect natural


  • Participation on an eligible non-profit board
  • Non-profit committee work for eligible institutions
  • Organizing or volunteering with fundraising events or activities
    for eligible institutions
  • Coaching non-school related sports teams
    (little league, YMCA soccer)
  • Leading or participating in non-school related activities
    (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts)

Team members can visit https://www.volunteermatch.org/ for
volunteer opportunities.


Ineligible organizations

The following types of organizations are not eligible to receive
Dollars for Doers grants based on IRS guidelines:

  • Political organizations or candidates
  • Professional associations such as chambers of commerce or
    trade associations
  • Private foundations
  • Volunteer fire companies, ambulance and rescue squads
    (501(c)(4) organizations)
  • Religious organizations for sectarian purposes
  • Educational institutions, including public or private elementary,
    middle or high schools, community colleges, universities, and
    professional schools
  • Hospitals and medical-related facilities
  • Organizations identified as fraternal societies or social clubs
  • Any organization that advocates or supports policies or practices
    that discriminate against any classification of people and/or
    conflicts with Bill Jacobs’ values.

Volunteer hours may be matched if the programs operated by faithbased social service organizations meet the following criteria:

  • The organization has a 501 (c)(3) determination letter from
    the IRS;
  • The volunteer opportunity is designated to a particular program
    that is available and open to all individuals in the community;
  • The program is for non-religious purposes (such as a food pantry
    or domestic abuse shelter) and;
  • The organization does not use the program to promote
    any religion.

Ineligible Volunteer Activities

  • Faith-based volunteer activities directly connected with a
    worship service – such as singing in the choir, teaching religion
    class, serving as an usher or babysitting during worship services.
  • Political volunteer activities such as working the polls or voter
    registration, campaigning, or lobbying.
  • Fundraising for, or participation in, walks, runs, bowl-a-thons,
    golf tournaments, and other types of sporting events, or
    attendance at fundraising events such as luncheons, dinners,
    banquets, or galas (service as a volunteer at these events, or
    service on a planning committee for these events is eligible for
    the Dollars for Doers Program.)
  • Volunteer activities that may be considered a conflict of interest
    with current job responsibilities.
  • Anticipated volunteer activities not yet performed.

For more information including program guidelines and
giving history:

  • giving history:
    • https://www.billjacobs.com/partners
  • Questions? Call Margaret Johnson at 630-615-5704 or email
    [email protected]

All employee participation in either program is completely voluntary,
unpaid and to be completed outside of working hours. No volunteer or
charity organization may reference Bill Jacobs Partners or its affiliated
companies in any publication, advertising or promotion without Bill
Jacobs Partners’ prior written consent.


The Bill Jacobs Organization will determine whether specific
donation or volunteer grant requests comply with the eligibility
requirements, application procedures and intent of the program.
The Bill Jacobs Organization, on behalf of the Bill Jacobs Partners,
reserves the right to reject any request that does not meet the
program criteria; employees are encouraged to verify a program’s
eligibility in advance of any donation or volunteering. While Bill
Jacobs Partners hopes to continue the Matching Gifts Program
and Dollars for Doers Program indefinitely, the Company reserves
the right to modify or terminate the program at any time.

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